BOPLA project cases

Very cool, very configurable, very professional, top quality project cases.

These brand new cases are still in plastic wrap, and sport a long list of features. The first thing is that they are highly re-configurable… you can assemble them in a number of different ways. The side extension walls can be installed or removed, and the snap-in rubber padded feet can be put in any way you want. There is a number of different possibilities to best meet your current needs.

Inside, the floor and roof have 32 mounting studs each, as well as slotted vents near the back (or front – your choice) to keep your stuff cool. Along with mounting studs, the side walls (and extension pieces) have slots running down their entire length for quick and easy mounting of board-shaped contents (such as circuit boards). It’s hard to imagine a concept that this box wouldn’t be perfect for.

These cases are very, very stylish and pro looking. Made of versatile easy-to-machine PC-beige colored plastic, they’ll fit in perfectly with other hi-tech equipment. Just supply your front and back panels to suit your needs and voila – your project will look like it was bought from Hewlett-Packard!

&O.D. : 11.5″w x 10.25″d x 4.25″h or 2.5″h (in basic configuration)

Here are the manufacturer’s DXF files for the Cases and the Extension Walls.

Click an image for a high res picture. Note that the 4 extra auxiliary legs shown in some of the pictures (2 folding, and 2 stubbys) are sold out. The cases we have left are supplied with 8 corner pieces. Affix the self-adhesive black rubber feet to 4 of them, and snap into the desired location.