Hazardous Location Equipment Edmonton

Also known as Hazard Location (Hazloc) Design

Explosion proof
Intrinsically safe
Division 1 or Division 2
Trinity Electronics has designed hazardous location equipment in Edmonton for over 30 years. Our designs include:

  • communications equipment
  • gas well controls
  • cabinet heaters
  • pump controls
  • industrial timers
  • measuring instruments
  • fuel access controls
  • instruments with 4-20 mA loop output
  • batteries

Electronic equipment for hazardous locations is either Explosion Proof or Intrinsically Safe. The explosion proof products are more of a packaging issue. Seals or aluminum castings are used to keep internally created arcs or sparks from igniting explosive materials. Intrinsically Safe designs are usually far more challenging due to the extremely limited energy available to the circuit. There is such small amount of energy that even a fault cannot produce sufficient energy to cause ignition.
The areas where the equipment is operated are described by divisions. Division 1 (Div 1) rated equipment is used in areas where ignitable dust or gases exists under normal operating conditions or where frequent maintenance work creates concentrations of explosive materials. Division 2 (Div 2) areas are those in which dust or gases are handled, processed or used, but which are normally safely contained. Div 2 design rules are a little more forgiving.

Haz Loc equipment often has additional requirements for extended operating temperatures or low operating current (e.g battery operated). Haz Loc equipment will also be more expensive than its non-rated counterparts due to initial and ongoing certification costs and record keeping.

We do hazardous location equipment design for companies in Edmonton and around the world, drop us a line with your design specs to get started.