Amplified MP3 Player (Model AMP-595)

AMP-595 Amplified MP3 Player

The AMP-595 combines an MP3 digital player with an amplifier, two speakers, a SPST relay and push-button. The product was created for public displays with very high playback rates. The sound can be replayed hundreds of times per day with no reduction in media or player life. Sound is stored in the MP3 format, a highly compressed digital format. The basic unit comes with 32MB of storage – enough for about 30 minutes of sound at the highest quality playback rate. The memory is non-volatile so stored sounds do not require that power be maintained to the unit. Back-up batteries are not required and the system will automatically recover from power failures. Additional memory can be added to bring the total to 64 MB or about an hour of voice or music. A relay with normally open, dry contacts closes when sound is being played. The relay opens after several seconds of silence. The relay can control motors, lights or other low voltage machinery associated with exhibits or displays.

Sounds can be recorded on a single track or multiple tracks. In the standard configuration, each button press steps to the next track. If the unit is left to play, it will continue to the end of the last track and stop. The number of tracks played before stopping can be programmed so that the sound can be shut off after say four button presses. If there is only one sound, there will be only one track which will play to the end and then stop. Button presses during playback have no effect.

There are three connectors on the back of the amplified speaker: speaker 2 output, start switch in and relay out. The start switch is supplied with a cable and RCA connector to simplify installation.

Trinity Electronics will record the material. Recording material can be supplied on floppy disk, mini disk or CD as a .wav or MP3 file (optimum) or in analog format on cassette tape. There may be an additional charge if substantial editing is required. The customer can return the unit to Trinity Electronics to change the recording or use the optional utilities and cable to download files from a Pentium class PC running Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP.


Memory: 32MB standard, expandable to 64 MB

Play Time: 32MB installed, approximately: (time doubles with 64 MB installed), 30 minutes at 128Kbps, 60 minutes at 64Kbps

Playback Rate: 128Kbps for best quality sound, 64Kbps for extended play time

Controls: Start, volume, bass, treble, Relay N.O. dry contact rated at 3 A, 24Vac or Vdc, Start button (heavy duty arcade style) supplied with unit

Connector: CA style, female

Output Power: 5 Watts

Approval: CE (CSA special inspection if required)

Power: 120 VAC

Size: 9″H x 5.5″W x 7″D for each speaker

Installation and Wiring Information

MP3 Player Installation (*pdf file)