Miscellaneous Products

PC Watchdog (Model L210)

PC Watchdog (Model L210)

This watchdog card monitors the Hard Drive Activity LED and resets a programmable timer every time the hard drive is accessed. If there is not at least one hard drive access within the selected period of time, the watchdog will reboot the computer by essentially closing the reset switch with a relay. The card is intended for any computer (PC, Mac, other) in which no hard drive activity would indicate a fault or a “hung” computer. It does not require any software. (More Details)

Intrinsically Safe Intercom

Intrinsically Safe Intercom

Trinity Electronics has designed an intercom system for distributed plants. It consists of rack mount components:

  • intrinsically safe handset stations
  • receiver cards and card cages
  • amplifier cards, amplifier card cages and racks
  • dual power supplies
  • explosion-proof speakers

Multi Purpose MPU / Dual Relay Card (Model L362)

Multi Purpose MPU / Dual Relay Card (Model L362)

This amazing little workhorse finds its way into all sorts of diverse applications because of its simplicity and versatility. It combines a custom programmable microprocessor and 2 solid, reliable DPDT relays with a host of input and power supply / handling options. The PIC micro can be easily programmed to command the relays depending on up to 3 external inputs monitoring switches, voltage changes, serial data messages, or whatever else you can imagine. The relays can independently control 2 120vac or 12VDC, or any other AC or DC voltage from 0 to 120. They can also switch speakers, communications, and many other signals. The fuse and metal oxide varistors are custom selected to provide protection for whatever you are automating.

Outdoor-Rated Battery Charger

Outdoor Rated Battery Charger

Custom outdoor-rated battery charger. Charges at fast rates and then switches to ‘float mode’ to protect the battery from overcharging.

Outdoor-Rated Power Supply

Outdoor Rated Power Supply

This rugged, reliable outdoor-rated power supply is custom configured to your specifications. It will deliver regulated 1.25VDC to 24VDC at 3 to 4 amps, and runs from 120V, 277V, or 347V. Click picture or here for a more detailed look.

SOIC to DIP Adapter Boards

SOIC Adapter Board

SOIC to DIP Adapter Boards – Converts Small Outline Integrated Circuits (SOIC) to DIP. Picture shows 8, 16, and 28 pin adapter boards. Click picture or here for a more detailed look.

Samtec Header – MTSW-218-10-S-S-530-RA

Samtec MTSW Header

We have just under 1000 pieces of this Samtec right angle header in stock.