Industrial Electronics from Our Edmonton Shop

6V Intrinsically Safe Batteries

The BAT-6V series batteries are Intrinsically Safe, rechargeable sealed lead acid batteries.   Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology for superior performance. Valve regulated, spill proof construction allows safe operation in any position. Click on the image or here for more information.



Thermostatic Cabinet Heater for Hazardous Locations

The CH-555-25W Thermostatic Cabinet Heater is a heat source and thermostat in one package. It is designed to operate in instrument enclosures in Class 1, Div 2 rated locations. It will generate about 28Watts at 120 Vac. The set point is fixed at 0 C. Click on the image or here for more information.



Model 788 Industrial Timer (IT-788)

The Model 788 weekly timer was designed for hazardous locations. It has 8 outputs that can control loads as high as 3.75A each. Each of the 25 events (outputs switched on or off) can control from one to eight outputs. The timing cycle can be as long as two weeks. Click on the image or here for more information.



Custom Cooling Fan Controllers

Trinity Electronics manufactures several custom fan controllers for applications such as in earth moving equipment. The controllers prevent over-cooling and wasted engine power by adjusting the fan speed to match the engine or transmission temperature. Click on the image or here for more information.



Variable Pitch Fan Controller and Timer

Custom fan controller for earth moving equipment. This unit controls the pitch of a fan with variable pitch blades. There is also a built in timer to reverse the pitch and purge the blades at predefined intervals. Purging can also be executed manually by the operator.



Proportional Valve Tester – Model PVT-439

The Proportional Valve Tester model PVT-439 provides a portable current source for testing proportional hydraulic valves such as those found on earth moving equipment. Click on the image or click here for more information.



RF Controlled Remote Steering System

Built to remotely steer rear wheels on large trailers that are used to transport drilling rig components. The joystick control can be operated from a following pilot vehicle.



Hydraulic Pump Speed Control

Supplies a variable current to control the speed of a hydraulic pump



Lightning Surge Protector

Custom surge protector built for outdoor conveyor belts that carry oilsand for processing.