DT-12 Audio Patch Panel – 12 Channel

These patch panels are intended for infrastructure installation in venues such as arenas, stadiums, theatres, concert halls, schools, etc. They provide a very robust and reliable XLR patch bay system that is easy and quick to install. Service life is expected to be several decades.

These panels are available with or without the DT-12 connectors (Cannon FK-37) used by mobile broadcast crews.

Each panel contains 12 pairs of gold-plated Neutrik PC-mount male & female XLR connectors, all mounted on an internal PC board. The PC board connects the vertical columns of male and female connectors together and to Phoenix Spring Cage terminal blocks. The PC boards in panels with the DT-12 connectors also have gold-plated double-row headers that connect to twisted-pair ribbon cables that go to the DT-12 connector assembly.

Installation is very quick with these panels. No soldering required – simply cut the house-wiring cables to the correct lengths, strip the jacket and install sleeving over the drain wires. We recommend Hellermann PH20x20 sleeves over the transition from cable jacket to conductors. Strip the individual conductors to the proper length and crimp on ferrules. The ferrules simply push into the spring-cage connector blocks. Finally, lace or otherwise tie the cables to the wiring support bar provided.

Phoenix tells us that the combination of ferrules and spring-cage terminal blocks is reliable for many decades. Our experience bears this out (so far).

The DT-12 connectors are wired to the PC board via twisted-pair ribbon cable. Channel-to-channel isolation is extremely good – each twisted pair carrying signals is sandwiched between twisted-pairs connected to the signal shields. The twisted-pair ribbon cable is significantly more expensive than standard ribbon cable but the improvement in common-mode rejection is well worth the extra cost.

Maintenance and repair is simple with these panels. The individual XLR connectors are replaceable without removing the entire PC board. Simply unlock the connector from its shell and remove the shell from the panel. Unsolder the connector insert from the PC board and pull out from the front. Clean the PC board holes, install the new connector insert and solder into place. Finally, replace the connector shell and lock the insert back into the shell.

Similarly, the DT-12 connector assembly is easily removed and replaced (no soldering required to remove the connector assembly).

Disconnecting the house cable is also very easy. Simply use a small slot screwdriver to push the terminal release button for each connection and the ferrule with wire inside comes right out.


  • 12 channels of male & female XLR connectors for house cables plus DT-12 (37 pin) connector
  • 19″ rack panel mounting, 2 RU high
  • Neutrik 3-pin connectors: NC3FD-V-B female, NC3MD-V-B male
  • 5/8″ (16mm) high strip at top for identification / labelling
  • built in lacing bar
  • powder coated aluminum
  • dimensions 19″ x 3.5″ high
  • 100% tested
  • broadcast, sports facilities

APP-882-37P (DT-12)

  • 12 channels: 12- 3-pin male and female XLR connectors wired in parallel /with spring-cage connectors to house cable and to 37 position male connector
  • 37 pin connector follows standard broadcast DT-12 pinout


  • 12 channels: 12- 3-pin male and female XLR connectors wired in parallel /with spring-cage connectors to house cable (no DT-12 connector)