Temperature Sensors, Probe Assembly, SMTAS04 and SMTAS08

tempsensklOur smart temperature sensors are available in a number of encapsulations: TO18, TO92, TO220, SOIC-8L and others. The temperature sensors are available as naked die as well. On request the sensors can also be built in a customer specified encapsulation.


SMTAS08 Temperature Acquisition System for 8 Smartec Temperature Sensors. It was designed to get the best possible temperature measurement results with the SMT160 Smartec temperature sensors (absolute accuracy 0.7 °C, resolution 0.02 °C), at little cost. With it, you don’t have to develop your own hardware application to connect 8 SMT160-30 temperature sensors to a PC. This board does it for you.

For our temperature sensors an evaluation board, SMTAS04 is available, which allows for easy development and quick demonstration.

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