Infrared Sensors


The Smartec infrared sensors SMTIR99XX are sophisticated full silicon infrared sensors and comprise of so called thermopiles. Thermopiles are based on the Seebeck effect, which is a long time standard for conventional thermocouples. The application of thin film technology allows the production of miniaturised and low cost sensor elements. For specific applications there is a version with a small openings angle (7°).


The sensors can be used in measuring the radiation temperature without any contact. For different radiation temperature ranges various filters are available. The sensor type SMTIR9902 contains a temperature sensor for measuring the temperature of the sensor itself. The temperature range of the sensor-element is between -40 to 100 °C. The sensor is available in a standard TO-05 encapsulation and is equipped with a 5.5 micrometer filter. For small field of view there is an infrared sensor available with a silicon lens.

Most Important Features

  • High accuracy
  • High sensitivity (110 V/W)
  • Low resistance (50 kohm) and therefor
  • Very good signal-to-noise-ratio
  • Good response time (40 ms)
  • Low cost thin film technology
  • Easy and accurate measuring of the sensor temperature by means of a built-in temperature sensor (SMTIR9902)

Typical Applications

  • Contactless measurement of surface temperatures or Infrared radiation
  • Temperature measurement on moving objects
  • Continuous temperature control of industrial sites
  • Thermal alarm systems
  • Climate control
  • Medical instruments
  • Home appliances

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