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Outdoor Light Sequencers – LS-647

LS-647 Light Sequencer

The LS-647 sequencers are robust 4-channel and 8-channel outdoor lighting controllers designed for harsh Canadian winters. They can be synchronized together with fiber optic cable to create higher channel counts (e.g.12-channel, 16-channel, 20-channel etc.) Each chassis can supply up to 15 Amps at 120 VAC. Since these sequencers operate outdoors in the rain and snow, most of the fasteners are made from stainless steel. The operating temperature ranges from -40C to +40C.

This product line was originally designed to animate Christmas lighting, however, it can handle any 120V AC lighting application. They LS-647 comes with full dimming capability, or in an economical non-dimming version. The units are pre-programmed with a number of user-selectable standard patterns, or they can be factory programmed with custom patterns. Custom versions of this circuit are also available to control other voltages down to 6 volts.
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Outdoor Rated Power Distribution Centers

Outdoor Power Distribution Panel PDB12

Designed for public lighting displays where large obtrusive wiring panels are unwelcome, these highly compact, aesthetically pleasing power distribution panels are powerful, versatile, and sleek. There are currently two models available.
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